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HTML ~ Step 7
Scrolling Text
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UK Auction Help > Listing / Searching > Step by Step HTML > Scrolling Text
Below is some help creating scrolling text

Boxes (Tables) in HTML
Step by Step HTML ~ Index
Auction Listing Templates

1.The HTML tag for creating scrolling text is marquee
<marquee> Your Text Here </marquee>

2.Scroll direction can be reversed
<marquee direction=right> Your Text Here </marquee>

3.or can be made to bounce back and forwards
<marquee behavior=alternate> Your Text Here </marquee>

4.Scroll speed can be controlled ~ Scrolldelay = 500 The default is 85 ~ scrolldelay = 1000 scrolldelay = 2000
<marquee scrolldelay=xxx> Your Text Here </marquee>

5.Scroll amount can also be controlled ~ Scrollamount = 12 The default is 6 ~ scrollamount = 18 scrollamount = 24
<marquee scrollamount=xxx> Your Text Here </marquee>

6.The amount of available screen width used can be varied ~ width=75%
Before The default is 100% ~ width=50% After
Beforewidth=25% After
<marquee width=xx%> Your Text Here </marquee>

7.The background colour can be changed
<marquee bgcolor=a_colour> Your Text Here </marquee>

8.The text
can be
split across
multiple lines

<marquee> Your Text Here <br> Next Line </marquee>

9.You can include links
<marquee> <a href="url_goes_here">Description</a> </marquee>

10.You can include images
<marquee> <img src="image_url_goes_here"> </marquee>

11.You can use a background images if you enclose the marquee in a table (you need to specify the tables width)
<table background="image_url_here" width=100%><tr><td>
<marquee> Your text here </marquee>

With a little work you can create a marquee which resembles an animated logo
12. UK Auction Help
<table width=200 border=1 bordercolor=red style="border-collapse:collapse" background="backs/b71.jpg"><tr><td>
<font size=+3 face="arial black" color=red> <marquee>
<img src="images/ukah.gif"> UK Auction Help <img src="images/ukah.gif">
</marquee> </font>

13.The marquee tag only works with Internet explorer, while the blink tag only works with Netscape. You can combine the two so users of each browser see something different <marquee><blink>
Your text here

14.You can also make your text scroll up
<marquee direction=up loop=true height="100" >
Your text here

15.Or Down
<marquee direction=down loop=true height="20" >
Your text here

If you use the HTML Code Segments above in Item Descriptions, on pages etc please add this link to the page
HTML Code Segments Provided by UK Auction Help

? How to copy & paste these code segments
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Boxes (Tables) in HTML
Step by Step HTML ~ Index
Auction Listing Templates

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Page Last modified : 8-6-2007
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2006-04-18 01:11:42 Holly I was just wondering if there was a way to change the size of the scrolling text. Thanks.
2006-04-18 07:31:32 eDave In example 12 above the font size has been increased with the <font size=+3> tag
2006-06-05 13:43:49 Annie I'm making a marquee with only pictures. I was wondering if there was a way that I could make it so they repeat without any breaks between the first and last images.
Thank you.
2007-09-02 06:11:26 David Lee It is easy to understand your instructions.
This is can very useful for my website.
Thank you.

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