7 Tips For Online Store Owners

Many people resell their auction purchases on their own online store, and whether you deal in vintage clothing, antiques, second hand electrical equipment or stamps, there is a lot of money to be made if you know what you are doing.

Here are seven tips that will help improve your sales and increase profits if you follow them to the letter.

1: List Your Store In Relevant Web Directories

There are a huge number of web directories out there and a lot of them are not worth the money, although if you can find one that is very relevant to the products that you are selling, it could be worth signing up. Not only might customers find yo from browsing the directory, but you might get in boost in the search engine results from having the link.

2: Promote Yourself On Social Media

If you haven’t been posting on Facebook and twitter on a regular basis then you a re missing out on a huge audience. Make sure that you post interesting things and do not simply promote your products all of the time, and you will soon build up a following that will hopefully come to your store from time to time.

3: Network Locally

Look out for local events where small businesses can get together and help each other out. You might meet like-minded people who are happy to promote your store if you do the same for them. As long as you are not selling exactly the same products, teaming up with other businesses can be very valuable.


4: Start Collecting Email Addresses

Once you have made a sale, your interaction with the customer doesn’t stop there. Make sure that you get their contact details so that you can tell them about any future products and deals that you have to offer them. If they have bought something from you once, it is highly likely that they will buy again.

5: Set Up a Voucher Code

Holding the occasional promotional sale is a great way to attract more customers. If you offer a voucher code for a limited period of time and get it listed on any of the sites listing promotional codes, then you may find that you get a lot of extra traffic to your store. You can’t keep doing this for ever, but it is a good way yo introduce new customers to your brand.

6: Set Up a Blog

Most stores these days have a blog section of their site where they post the latest news and articles about the products that they are selling. Doing this is a great way to engage people and you will hopefully get extra traffic because of it. Just posting one or two blog posts per month can make all the difference.


7: Experiment With Paid Advertising

Advertising on search engines with PPC is not for everybody and it can often leave you out of pocket if you do not get it right. However, depending on the products that you are selling, you may tap into niche where it is profitable for you. As the saying goes, you never know until you try it, and running some experiments whilst setting yourself a strict budget may be worth a go.